We facilitate organic nonviolent growth of humane beings.

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Human beings are a fine trailmix of animals, plants and organic-computer traits. Being upright moving computers, our tissues keep getting dirty from experiences of living and we get violent from getting callous. We offer Programs to help people maintain being human, nonviolent and originally uniquely themselves so they continue to perform at optimum levels of health!

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There are crystals, seeds, fruits and all kinds of things to get protected from inflammation. We are developing an online Course to get antiinflammed and have a noninflammatory presence using nothing during experiences of daily living.

We call it Nirbeeja Yoga® - yoga with a Difference!

We are nonviolence facilitators.

We sell Nothing!

Nothing is the primordial space from which anything that is worth something comes to be in existence, and then becomes per implicate potential. Some call it ishvarapranidana. We call it ishvarapranidhana {wealth from implicate ordained potential!}.

We live a life less ordinary.

Here’s 3 of our Services

Nirbeeja Yoga®

Foundational yoga for everyday moments of living. No overt muscle movements, pouring sweat or even need for a yoga mat. Sessions possible online or in person. Decontamination, cleansing of elements, healing of wounds, unveiling the truth of self, coming to silence and stillness, integration of mind-body with conscience all happens within the perimeter of the body’s skin {no exerting muscle movements required}. Yoga happens in stages of awareness through stages of advancement during which ennobling of the substance of a person happens and enhanced quality of living is experienced. Normal, ordinary, organic foundational yoga for nonviolence.

Meristem Intelligence® Therapy

On-the-table therapeutic engagement with no medicines or violent interventions. Only awareness, a gentle therapeutic mindfulness, a wakeful consciousness and the conscience of the present moment. Based on the principles of BCST {Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy} and Aikido-Yoga along with a sophisticated blend of several therapeutic modalities, this method of healing is designed to heal nonviolently, nonpainfully, integratively, evolutionarily. It helps human beings evolve integratively into humane beings as the soul and self heals.

DharmaPada For SoulSatisfaction®

One-hour long verbal and nonverbal engagement online or in person. There could be exercises, journaling, object or art-based engagements, explorative assignments to expand repertoire of quality and value-appreciation, reflections and retrospections by which to uncover hidden treasures within the lifestory already lived, healing the fabric of time and space through experiential engagement that includes Nirbeeja Yoga and/or Meristem Intelligence Therapy where deemed necessary. The Objective is to facilitate interdependently independent individuation of a person such that a person is able to walk the path of peace and truth in becoming the best version of themselves as they accomplish what they came into existence for such that the creator is proud for having created them AND they experience SoulSatisfaction en route to health, wealth and wisdom.

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Do reach out to us with any questions you may have or would like to know more about a service or product. It would be a pleasure to listen to what you have to say.

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